Saturday, November 12, 2011

The death march to the copier...

I have been student teaching for almost three months now. I love the school. I love the schedule. I love the kids. I sincerely look forward to going to work each day. However, there is one thing that I dread… the copier.

Copiers have always made me nervous. They are huge, complicated beings with a fickleness that can make anyone’s day a bad one. Sometimes they work without a problem and they glide fluidly throughout their task. Sometimes they even seem joyful about their assignment and the papers seem to shoot out with excitement. However, there are days when the copiers wake up on the wrong side of whatever they wake up on. They gobble things up and spit things out not at all how you asked. They throw things off center just to be spiteful. And, if they really are repulsed, they scarf up the paper and hide it deep in their mechanical abyss never to be seen again. It is on such occasions that the light flashes in announcement that something has gone dreadfully wrong. It is then that one must perform surgery on this creature, opening up its belly and pulling out its internal organs in search of the lost document. The process is terrifying and complex.

Because of this vacillating nature, I always approach with trepidation. If there was a monster in my closet, I am pretty sure that it would have an odd resemblance of a copier. It can make my day continue on without a problem or it can create a havoc.

Sometimes humans are like copiers; or, perhaps, it is the other way around. We are fickle as well as we allow our moods to determine our interactions with the world around us. Some days we are jovial with others. Some days we are passive. Some days we are gruff and impatient. We can make the days of those around us cloud with the shadows of our sarcastic or curt remarks. Or, we can encourage others with our compassion and willingness to help.

As I walk slowly to the copier, I remember how I dread this temperamental contraption. I do not want to be a person who is dreaded like this copier. Yes, as humans, we are emotional beings. However, I want to approachable and consistent in my love and caring attitude to others. I want to demonstrate a rejoicing spirit.