Sunday, August 22, 2010


That is about how I feel right now...overwhelmed. However, this is a double-sided coin...this overwhelmed feeling that is.
Sure, I am overwhelmed by the vastness of this city and how I have absolutely no idea where I am. Sure, I am overwhelmed by the language and how little I understand and how much less I can communicate. I feel reduced to a mere yes and no answer for everything. Sure, I am overwhelmed by the fatigue my body is feeling due to lack of sleep and the altitude. Sure, I am overwhelmed that this will be my home for the next four months. Sure, I am immensely overwhelmed with feeling helpless and humbled. I am indeed overwhelmed.
But I am also overwhelmed with God's grace. He has been so abundant to me! He has provided beyond my desires. He has provided a beautiful family who is so gracious to me including a precious little girl who deemed me worthy to play with her this afternoon. He has overwhelmed me with their hospitality. He has given me internet at the apartment where I will be living and even provided a free way to call home. I am astounded by all that He has orchestrated. I am overwhelmed by His good gifts. Indeed, they are very good but it simply points me to the infinitely good Giver of these gifts who satisfies more than these gifts themselves. He is my joy and satisfaction. "How He loves us...Oh how He loves us..." those were the words that were playing on the drive to the airport yesterday. Those are the words that Jon softly sang in my ear. And those were the words that I could barely choke out. But they are also the words that are echoing in my mind right now. God's grace and love are abundant. They were abundant on the cross and they are abundantly displayed in my life right now despite being overwhelmed in the other areas.
Please pray for me. Pray that I would rest in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I feel overwhelmed. Please pray that I would be able to better understand and communicate. Please pray that God would comfort me as I struggle to combat loneliness and tears on this first day apart from my family. Please pray that God would use this experience to mold me.
I love you all!


  1. That is so wonderful and amazing and humbling, all at the same time! Wonderful that you arrived safely, amazing that God has shown His sovereignty, and humbling that you would follow His will so bravely and willingly. I love you, and will definitely be praying for you!

  2. I am so glad you are there and safe. God is so good. I know he will take good care of you. I will
    and have been praying for you. You are strong and
    very smart and you can do this. Remember what I told you this is your time to enjoy and take in all of the blessings an opportunities God has given you at this time in your life. I love you and I am very proud of you.