Friday, August 27, 2010

Small but significant joys...

Well, I am almost one week down. This week has been one of the hardest of my life but I know I will look back on it as being one of the most important of my life as well.
It began with being completely overwhelmed and scared. Everything scared me and at one point I had not been out of the house in 29 hours. For those that know me... I am not a sit in my pajamas all day kind of girl... I think the idea of it sounds romantic but after a few hours, I get antsy. So that time was a long time. But thankfully one of my friends rescued me and showed me around the bus system here in Quito. I still do not know much of it but I know enough to get me to school and back and I am learning.
I am also learning how to deal with fear. This has been hard for me over the past week and I have been reading a lot of Scripture. This has comforted me but also convicted me of how fear is a sin. I can have confidence in my Holy God. Thank you for all those who have been sending me Scripture to read... It means more than you can ever know. I am constantly praying for God's peace and protection.
I have met many new people which has been wonderful and I like my classes so far. I especially enjoy the family that I am staying with. They are so generous and patient with me as I struggle for vocabulary. "Como se dice?" is my new favorite phrase...but I am learning many new words thanks to their patience. I so enjoy sitting and talking with them about all kinds of different things... it is great that my Spanish is improving and we can talk about deeper things than my favorite color or my likes and dislikes.
They have introduced me to several new foods...some that my stomach is tolerating and some that it is not. One such food was tripe (cow intestine) which I actually liked. Another food was choclo, which was delicious as well. I have tried everything here...just not everything agrees with my stomach. A friend and I did stumble upon a panaderia (bakery) today and we just could not help ourselves. The sweet breads were so good. I will definitely be going back because this blows Panera out of the water!
Right now I am tired... it could be that 13 minute run this morning that completely took it out of me. The altitude is high and breathing is hard... but it was so nice to go out and stretch my legs.
Overall, it has been a hard week. But I am excited for the weekend. God has given me small but significant joys over the course of this week and I am so grateful for these. I am learning more and more as each day passes.

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